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Making the decision to get braces as an adult was a tough one, but every day I’m so glad that I did it! At the advice of my dentist, I sought orthodontic treatment to correct my open bite. During my consultation, Dr. Watson took great care to explain his treatment plan and what my results would be like. I appreciated his willingness to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions in the consultation and throughout my treatment. My results were better than I could have ever imagined. Correcting my bite is great for my overall health, but it had the added benefit of improving my profile. Because my teeth stuck out too far, my profile was distorted and my lips strained to close over my teeth. This had always made me insecure about the way I looked, especially from the side. Since my treatment, I am more confident, and I feel more beautiful! Dr. Watson and his entire staff are truly wonderful people that care about their patients – not only their teeth! They have an incredible amount of experience and the braces technology that makes treatment times faster! I cannot thank them enough for taking such great care of me and my smile! Anytime someone tells me that they are thinking about getting braces, I always recommend Brazos Valley Orthodontics.


Here’s my story: My parents could not afford braces when I was a teenager. That was actually a good thing, because I was terrified of the dentist. After several painful, bloody childhood experiences, I had enough! The chair, the smells, the sounds were just too overwhelming. After decades of avoiding the dentist, good sense prevailed. I found a good general dentist and began to wonder if braces would be right for me. I was a professor, doing a lot of public speaking. I noticed that most people at work had nice, straight teeth. Could an old ‘fraidy cat like me undergo orthodontic treatment? My dentist told me about Dr. Watson. I went in for a complementary consultation, and I was hooked! There are two things that are especially outstanding about Dr. Watson and his staff: They are both professional and genuinely nice people. When I told Dr. Watson about my fears, he was very kind and reassuring, patiently taking the time to explain the process. All throughout my treatment, I felt like he wanted to work with me. I got the same nice, reassuring feeling from his staff. That is so important! I was also pleased to see that not all of Dr. Watson’s patients are teenagers. There are even a few gray heads! Dr. Watson uses the latest technology. His practice is experienced in using the best, most advanced orthodontic methodology. This cuts treatment time and increases patient comfort. I expected the process to be fairly painful, lengthy, and ugly. It was none of these! Using the best technology is especially important if you are an adult. Treatment of adults requires more expertise because we are no longer growing. If you are wondering if braces could be right for you, check out Dr. Watson. You are never too old to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Braces can give your family’s breadwinner an important competitive advantage at work. And like me, you might be surprised by the friends you make along the way.

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